The book contains 390 footnotes of which 256 are links to websites: press articles, complaint boards, blogs, web pages from the organisation etc.

Although information on the internet is public and available to all, it is volatile and prone to change or to disappear at any moment, information updated, pages reorganised. In order to remain relevant and preserve the basis for arguments articulated in one’s discourse, copies of information as it was found initially are paramount.

In the index file for download below, you will find a concordance between the footnotes in the English version, in the French version and the corresponding file names in our file resource. The latter contains all screenshots and, whenever the material was too voluminous, the relative PDFs. Relevant copyright information is also noted.

Index of screenshots and footnotes for download: PDF

File resource:

NOTE: Until further notice, all screenshots from sites belonging to the organisation have been removed from the file resource, i.e. public access. In case of need, individual documents can be shared on request for private use. This does not fundamentally change anything. It is just an added protection against eventual hassles for a limited duration.


Gail Tredwell’s blog, with link to her book, Amma’s personal attendant for twenty years.

Embezzling The World, probably the best documented critical site on Amma and her organisation

MAMAN, very well documented critical blog on the same subject, in French

Works and articles from Dr Jacques Vigne, also in English, 2 sites: 1, 2

ExAmma group, discussion and healing group for former members and devotees (requires subscription)

Ushagram Suisse, the State-recognised non-profit charity of which the author is the director.
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Artwork by Claude Pelletier-Pigot – the author’s mother

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Press release (2 pages) – PDF

Introduction by Dr Jacques Vigne (full text) – PDF

Critical review of the biography – PDF

Report on the FCRA declarations – short version – PDF

Report on the FCRA declarations – 30-page full version – PDF

The Amma Empire in Malayalam – അമ്മയുടെ സാമ്രാജ്യം – click to go to page

This post is also available in: Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian)