This page will help you finding your language version in either paperback or electronic edition, in whatever file format from whatever source. In the event of difficulties in connection with the sale or the circulation of the book, sources may change or vary. You will find all alternatives here.

Note that the English, French, German and Italian editions of the book are available from all Amazon international websites. By default though, the English version is available on the US, UK, IN, CDN, AUS Amazon sites; the French by default, on the .FR site, the Italian on the .IT, and the German on the .DE site. Simply choose the site most suitable to your region. If links are obsolete because they might have changed, simply type the book title in the relevant search field on the Amazon website.

Amazon has not been given any exclusive rights, so if you wish to suggest other providers / publishing houses or have connections, please feel free to contact us with information.

Malayalam version (only in Kindle) is available only from amazon.in. But due to some technical problems, its sale has been temporarily suppressed. It is therefore made available for download for free. You are welcome to share the Malayalam version, download it, print it, circulate it in any way or form you fancy. Please contact us for any other file format you may need or consider useful.

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