The book “The Amma Empire” (TAE) has now been published in 5 languages (English, French, Italian, German and Malayalam). It is sold for the moment only on the Amazon platforms but without exclusive rights. Thus, one could find it on any other online book retailer in the future.

I am having some difficulties with the Malayalam version though, the sale of which has been suppressed by Amazon since some weeks now. The official reason being that it contains many obsolete links that need to be updated. The Kindle publishing platform has listed the links (they happen to be all related to the Amrita Universities). They change regularly in fact. I have corrected the obsolete links and uploaded a new version of the eBook on the platform. However, the book remains suppressed. Apparently, it has been forgotten. According to Amazon, it is a quality issue. They are dedicated to the quality of the eBooks on its platform. There are articles about that on their Knowledge Base. So, let us not draw hasty conclusions here, pointing fingers and all that, accusing anyone of using its influence to protect its interests. But since it was being obstructed, the book is now downloadable for free to be shared and privately distributed, to start with from the TAE website. Please feel free to upload it on your cloud storage and make it available among your network.

This is just a personal opinion of course, but I strongly feel that the Org should do its homework, put its own house in order, review its avowed principles and operations, check that its words and deeds are in sync. Because, if anyone in the Org should imagine that counteracting by suppressing another voice of truth and dharma, which the TAE venture represents, would serve their interest, I think the opposite would be the case.

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