healing and mutual help

I would like to make people aware that if they so need, there are two discussion groups for Amma-dropouts both in Facebook and on Groups.io, an online forum. If you are in doubt, or are in the process of distancing yourself and have doubts and need to share, there are people there who have made the experience of before and after and who can be an ear. If you have or are about to drop out, know that there are people who can give you a sense of empowerment and help you recover your dignity.

Groups.io gives you the possibility of being anonymous if needed, knowing that there are obviously A-spies in there. Posting on the Facebook group can also be done anonymously.

Know that you don’t have to struggle your way to autonomy alone. You are welcome and other members are there for you.

In Facebook, type exAmma in the search field.
For the forum, the link is https://groups.io/g/ExAmma

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